Creation To Revelation: Mommy & Me Glean Together Workbooks: Story of the Cross


Drawn from content in our Story of the Cross reader, these Mommy & Me collaboration workbooks are designed to give children (and adults!) the perspective on Monday - Saturday that will prepare them for remembering Jesus’ death on Sunday. This 20-opening book contains the same sections and titles as our “Story of the Cross” spiral, but includes interactive questions, coloring, and references.

  • Mommy & Me “Glean Together” Workbook: Story of the Cross introduces children to concepts that are deep and serious, but crafts them to be both appropriate and comprehensible for young hearts. References throughout the workbook point readers back to the Word, and older students or parents can dive into the parallel account references to form a more complete picture of Jesus’ purposeful journey to Golgotha and His fulfillment of prophecy. “Glean Together” is equipped with a coloring image, traceable key verse, title, and text questions in each 2-page layout.

  • The images in this new Glean series match Creation to Revelation’s Story of the Cross line. Therefore, these workbooks are a perfect pair to our spiral & flashcards or have your littlest ones follow along with our mini coloring book.

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