Creation To Revelation: Generations Groups Spirals: Lineage of Christ


The Generations Groups Spirals help introduce your children to important names and faces in Scripture—putting characters neatly into their contexts. Each Spiral can be purchased individually.

The Generation Spirals contain characters from our Generations illustrations with attached fact cards—these Spirals offer endless education and interest right at your fingertips. And don't worry, there's no prep necessary; children can flip through these laminated, sturdy Spirals on their own and learn Bible names and details at any age!

Lineage of Christ:

Rather than simply listing the basic ancestry of Jesus, “Lineage of Christ” compiles a layered genealogical story, condensed from our new Generations fact cards! This Spiral shares details from the lives of 48 members of Jesus’ earthly line—as well as God the Father and the Spirit—using special chronological ordering. For example, “Lineage” first shows Isaac, then Rebekah, then Isaac (Old), letting their fact cards play out sequentially for young readers! Your child’s memory of Jesus’ ancestors will benefit greatly from multiple readings of this carefully-crafted extraction of the Generations product.


Dimensions: 6.75” L x 4.5” W x 1.5” H (approximately)

  • Easy-to-turn binding

  • “Fact card” info on top, illustration on bottom

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