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Three seemingly different Christians have something in commonthe need to grow. They will develop at different speeds, and the result of their development will be different. But they all grow in the same directiontoward the example of Jesus Christ. This is a process that began at the point of their spiritual birth and willor at least, shouldcontinue to the day they pass from this life into the next.

All parents want their children to grow, to achieve, and to become bigger and better in the tasks set before them. Our heavenly Father is no different with regard to His spiritual children. He has begotten us in Christ (1 John 5:1), and that is an excellent start. But His work in us is not complete when we submit to baptism in the name of Jesus; it has only begun. We must continue to work out our salvation (Philippians 2:12).

This book is intended to help the child of God do exactly that. We often think of coming to Christ as an exercise in self-denial—don't do this, don't do that, etc. And certainly that is a vital part of our walk with Christ. But the main reason we get rid of the worldliness in our heart is so there will be room in it for Jesus. And the more we rid ourselves of the impurities that would hinder our development, the more we will be in position for the gospel to do its work in us, to have its way with us.

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