Christian Evidences Correspondence Course - Intermediate


The course is designed for a student who already has completed the first course, or for someone who simply wants to pursue a somewhat more in-depth study.

Each lesson stands on its own, and contains written exercises on a perforated sheet so that students may hand (or mail) them in for grading.

The 10 lessons in the series include discussions on:

  1. Faith and Knowledge pt. 1
  2. Faith and Knowledge pt. 2
  3. "In the Image and Likeness of God"
  4. Jesus Christ-Lord and Savior
  5. Satan-His Origin and Mission
  6. Evil, Pain, and Suffering
  7. The Origin of the Soul
  8. The Destiny of the Soul
  9. Creation and Evolution pt. 1
  10. Creation and Evolution pt. 2
Can be used as correspondence course or in classes

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