Calming the Storms of Life

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Table of Contents:
  • Loneliness
  • Rebellious Children
  • Unfaithfulness in Marriage
  • Rejection By God
  • Church Troubles (1)
  • When Church Leaders Fall Away
  • Church Troubles (2)
  • Divisions In The Church
  • On the Road Again: Moving Away From Family & Friends
  • Financial Difficulties
  • Civil and Political Upheaval
  • Loss of Health
  • Death of a Loved One
  • Widowhood
  • Facing Our Own Death Betty Tope was reared in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. She was fortunate to meet and marry a young gospel preacher named Gene Tope who hailed from the "wild west." This is how their adventure together began. They have now been married sixty years and are presently living in Chesterfield, Virginia where Gene preaches for the Courthouse Church of Christ. They have been privileged to work Stateside in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, and Virginia, as well as spending half of their married life in South Africa. The Topes have been blessed with six wonderful children and their spouses, sixteen grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Their children are scattered throughout the United States and South Africa. They buried their sweet five-year-old, Karen, on African soil.
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