Building Up One Another: Pursuing Love in the Local Church


The Lord's church fulfills a two-fold objective—(1) to worship God and lead others to Him and (2) to mutually encourage members in the journey. The "one another" part often gets us into trouble, yet it is our love for each other that causes the world to take notice.


  • Ch 1. Love One Another
  • Ch 2. Members of One Another
  • Ch 3. Devoted to One Another
  • Ch 4. Devoted to One Another (II)
  • Ch 5. Be of the Same Mind With One Another
  • Ch 6. Accept One Another
  • Ch 7. Admonish One Another
  • Ch 8. Serve One Another
  • Ch 9. Bear One Another's Burdens
  • Ch 10. Bearing with One Another
  • Ch 11. Submit to One Another
  • Ch 12. Encouraging One Another
  • The Courageous Living Bible study series has been developed to aid in adult Bible studies. From one-on-one to large group adult Bible classes, this series of study guides is designed to fit with any church's adult curriculum. Additionally, some churches have used them effectively in college classes.

    • Each book has easy-to-read fully outlined texts followed by thought/discussion questions for additional insight.
    • There are twelve lessons per book, allowing for a possible missed class (due to gospel meetings, VBS, weather event, etc.), or the teacher may simply choose to review during the thirteenth week.

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