BTB Exodus and Leviticus

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The Bible Text Book Series is an excellent commentary workbook series. Each lesson consists of several pages of commentary followed by a couple of pages of short answer questions. Great workbook for adult and upper teenage Bible classes. 26 lessons. This is a combining of the BTB Exodus and BTB Leviticus workbooks into one volume. Contents: • Introduction to Exodus • The Call of Moses • God Sends Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh • Moses and Aaron Before Pharaoh and the Plagues (1) • The Plagues (2) • The Institution of the Pssover and the Last Plague • Sanctification of the Firstborn and Deliverance at the Red Sea • The Song of Moses and Early Wilderness Wanderings • Israel at Rephidim • Arrival at Sinai and the Receiving of the Covenant • The Book of the Covenant (1) • The Book of the Covenant (2) • The Tabernacle • The Establishment of the Priesthood • Further Instructions Concerning the Tabernacle • The Covenant Broken and Renewed • The Construction and Erection of the Tabernacle • Introduction to Leviticus and the Laws of Sacrifice (1) • The Laws of Sacrifice (2) • The Institution of the Priesthood • Laws Relating to Uncleanness • The Day of Atonement • Holiness of Conduct • Holiness of Priests • Holy Days • Concluding Words Paperback, 97 pages.