Biography and Sermons of Marshall Keeble

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The names of Marshall Keeble (1878-1968) and BC Goodpasture (1895-1977) demand instant recognition by several generations of Christians. Their joint efforts make this volume an important resource.

Those who heard Keeble preach knew that theirs was an unforgettable experience. The fervor of his delivery and the power of his message changed lives. Many believed because of his preaching. While himself a powerful preacher, Goodpasture is perhaps best known for his work as editor of the Gospel Advocate. In 1931, he compiled and edited this biographical sketch and collection of five sermons.

This volume contains the full texts of lessons presented by Keeble in Valdosta, GA, in July 1931. As Goodpasture said in the preface, "It has been the judgment of all that these sermons should be preserved in the vernacular in which they were delivered, otherwise they would not be Keeble's at all." While the terminology and references to people and places reflect the time of their delivery, the eternal truths of God's Word are changeless.

This is vintage Keeble.

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