Bible Study Guide for All Ages Unlabeled Wall Maps and Time Line

SKU 288345

Using the Wall Maps and Timeline from Bible Study Guide on Vimeo.

Understand how all the events of the Bible fit together and relate to one another! This easy-to-use time line and set of three maps attaches to your wall (or sheets of cardboard or Styrofoam if you want them to be portable).

The time line and maps are almost completely blank when you begin your study. As you learn about people, events and places, you add the full-color, removable labels and names (sold separately as Label Packets), helping students put the current lesson in the context of the overall story of the Bible. Using a reusable adhesive such as Handi-Tak, students can remove and apply the pictures and names over and over, helping them understand the big picture of God's plan.

The size of the Time Line is 76” x 25”. The sizes of the three maps are 38” x 25”, 19” x 25” and 19” x 25.”

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