Bible Study for Joy and Profit

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A Practical, Nondenominational Guide to Mining Spiritual Treasures

Bible Study for Joy and Profit tells you how to equip yourself for personal Bible study using a nondenominational approach. Teaches how anyone can uncover the rich treasures of faith and life contained in Holy Scripture. A book that is about more than simply how to study, it also shows you how to uncover the many joys of Biblical study that await anyone willing to devote a little time.

You will learn effective ways to motivate yourself to not only start studying, but actually finish the study project begun. Determine Biblical authority for yourself. Learn a little known study technique that is as easy as 1-2-3. Finally, here is a practical book on Bible study, easy-to-read and apply. Increase your love of truth and your faith.

Each chapter ends with a few discussion questions which aid in personal review of key points, as well as make this an ideal group study text for home or church.

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