Bible and Contemporary Churches

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A 14 Lesson workbook studying contemporary churches and what the Bible says. Each lesson is prepared by a different author.

Lesson Topics and Authors:

  • Roman Catholicism by Jason Longstreth
  • The Episcopalian Church by Donald P. Ames
  • The Lutheran Church by Art Adams
  • The Presbyterian Church by Randy Blackaby
  • The Baptist Church Then and Now by Dick Blackford
  • The Methodist Church by Paul R. Blake
  • The Christian Church/Disciples of Christ by Russell Dunaway
  • The Nazarene Church by Jay Horsley
  • The Church of God by Steven F. Deaton
  • The Mormon Church by Joe R. Price
  • The Jehovah's Witnesses by Phil Martin
  • The Blueprint for Mega-churches by Michael Hardin
  • The Community Churches: People Pleasers by Bobby L. Graham
  • The Charismatic Movement by Jason Hardin
72 pages. paperback.

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