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 About Behold The Pit: Christianity and Psychosocial Issues 

Knowing what to say in response to prevalent psychosocial issues can feel like an uphill battle. Behold the Pit provides helpful research and practical solutions for this struggle. Topics for discussion include depression, anxiety, addictions, social media, abortion, adoption and fostering, human trafficking, homosexuality, transgenderism, racism, and homelessness.

"Christians must rise to their generation’s needs and apply the gospel to those needs in sincerity, love, and truth. There can be little doubt that the age we find ourselves in revolves around matters in the psychosocial realm. This book seeks to address several of these critical needs through helpful research, sound biblical principles, and loving discussion. For that reason, this book serves a key apologetic purpose. Defending the faith necessitates sound doctrine, and it also requires disciples to meet our audience in the place where they are. As such, this book is written to Christians to facilitate constructive dialogue with those outside of the church demanding answers for today’s prevalent issues. This book is also composed to persuade Christians to be active in attending to psychosocial needs in the ways that God expects, demands, and authorizes. Finally, this book will respond to those who have left the church, or who are struggling with a perceived inattentiveness of the church toward the needs of real people in need."

Thought questions at the end of each chapter

205 pages

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