Beginning of Our Confidence

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Designed for daily study beginning the day after you are baptized, this book offers readers the opportunity to establish the rewarding habit of regular daily Bible study. Nothing is more critical in the hours and days immediately following one's baptism than that he or she is given proper instruction and encouragement. All lessons are based on what Scripture and experience have shown are the needs of new Christians.

Each new convert should have his or her own copy of the book. Upon completion of the lessons, participants should be presented with the certificate of baptism in the back of the book.

  • Contains 49 lessons (doctrinal and devotional) to be studied by the new Christian on a daily basis.
  • Each lesson concludes with a devotional application.
  • Especially appropriate to give to each new Christian, as well as great for a new converts' class.
  • Baptismal certificate included.

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