Before You Say "I Do" workbook

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At a time when more people are delaying marriage or writing it off altogether, couples ready to walk the aisle will appreciate a frank and trusted resources to help them start marriage on the right foot.

This interactive guide will help you explore your relationship in depth and will:

  • Provide new insight into your partner and how the two of you relate to one another
  • Establish your wants and needs as individuals and a couple before your marriage begins
  • Lay the groundwork for open and honest conversation for a stronger, healthier marriage
  • Reveal how life events and family background can influence decision making in finances, family, education, faith and career
  • Engage you in activities that lead to thought-provoking discussion that address your past experiences and current expectations

Engaging and easy-to-use, Before You Say "I Do" is full of tried-and-true wisdom to help you plan for your future and build a lasting relationship with the one you love.

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