Before Stones Become Bread: Becoming More Like Jesus by Resisting Temptation

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In his book, Before Stones Become Bread, Chris Seidman takes a look at what the Bible says about temptation and how Jesus dealt with temptation. Chris, with a very conversational and encouraging writing style, provides some practical tools to help put you in a position to learn from the Master Himself concerning how to master temptation before it masters you.

Chris addresses some misunderstandings about temptation by answering some key questions:

  • Can Jesus really be a legitimate example of how a human being can deal with temptation?
  • Do we have the same power at our disposal that Jesus accessed in his battle with the enemy?
  • What patterns emerge in how the enemy uses temptation in our lives?

If you or someone you know is struggling with temptation, God desires to help overcome the snares of the enemy so that His children may live the joyous and abundant life.

Before Stones Become Bread has 10 chapters and 93 pages.

ISBN: 9780899004884

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