Before I Die: Paul's Letters to Timothy and Titus

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The final recorded words of a person generally are perceived to be of keen interest. Particularly is that so when the individual is of considerable prominence. Paul, God’s chosen apostle to the Gentiles, wrote thirteen known books of the New Testament. His final composition was the second letter to Timothy. The fourth chapter of that epistle contains a concluding exhortation to his faithful young co-worker in the gospel. This chapter is filled with personal details that warrant careful investigation. It pulsates with instruction and encouragement. It reveals the marvelous fortitude of a man whose courageous heart soon would grow still.

In this book, Elders will:

  • Understand their role and divinely required qualifications
  • Develop a sense of the duties and dangers facing elders
  • Appreciate the sacrifices of Gospel ministers Ministers and Bible

  • Teachers will:

  • See the vision of their vocation with renewed passion
  • Recognize the value and importance of a credible example
  • Renew their sense of dedication to this noble work Christians

  • Generally will:

  • Appreciate the sacrifices of their leaders
  • Understand their importance as a support team
  • Encourage men in their role as leaders
  • Recognize the importance of women in their sacred role
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