Baptismal Garment Small Adult

SKU 30013 SM

Small Adult (up to 135 lbs)

The nylon combines with a special backing to give the robe modesty. The culotte design will not float up. The nylon with the special backing simply sheds can not absorb water. Water simply beads up and rolls off into the pool. Very little water is carried out of the pool.

The one-piece design allows converts to remove his or her clothing, step into the robe, zip it up and enter the baptistry in seconds. Afterwards, they come back to the dressing booth, slip off the robe, hang it on a hanger, dry off and get back into their clothes in a couple of minutes.

Sizes Available:

  • Small Adult (up to 135 lbs)
  • Medium Adult (up to 160 lbs)
  • Large Adult (up to 210 lbs)
  • 1X Adult (up to 250 lbs)
  • 2X Adult (up to 300 lbs)
  • 3X Adult (over 300 lbs)
  • 4X Adult (4 inches bigger than 3X)
  • 5X Adult (4 inches bigger than 4X)

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