Awesome God CD

SKU 52401
As a child of God, you can only offer God one thing that you possess that He does not... YOUR PRAISE! The human voice is capable of making wonderful music, and it can make all of Heaven rejoice if we lift our voices together in harmony and praise the God from whom all blessings flow. This is the idea behind the Praise & Harmony series. A blending of voices in congregational style worship to the one true Lord of all. We hope the music of our new series will take you to the throne in worship. Awesome God was the first first release in the Praise & Harmony series. This album highlights more than 200 vocalists for this outstanding collection of 25 worship songs. As an added bonus, Awesome God includes a vocalist training CD to help you learn your part (soprano, alto, tenor, or bass) on each of these great songs. This set is a wonderful teaching tool for churches and singing groups, as well as an exceptional listening and worship experience. Songs Include: 1. Awesome God 2. Ain't No Rock 3. Great Are You Lord 4. We Trust in The Name of The Lord 5. Give Thanks to the Lord 6. My Life Is in You 7. Wonderful Merciful Savior 8. Lamb of God 9. Hide Me Away, O Lord 10. Open My Heart 11. Open the Eyes of My Heart 12. In Your Presence 13. I Stand in Awe of You 14. Lord Reign in Me 15. Covenant of Love 16. There Is No Other Name 17. It's All Right 18. We Will Glorify 19. Come to the Table 20. Don't Be Afraid 21. How Excellent Is Thy Name 22. Firm Foundation 23. My Only Hope Is You 24. You Are My All In All 25. That's Why We Praise Him