Are Babies Born in Sin?


Does the guilt of Adam really pass to every person? One prevalent religious doctrine of today is the idea babies are born in sin. It is the concept known as “Original Sin” or “Adamic Sin”. The thought for this teaching goes back to Adam and Eve and the sin that was committed in the Garden of Eden. Those who hold this doctrine believe the sin Adam and Eve committed is passed on from generation to generation. Thus, when the baby is born, it needs to be “baptized”. While this doctrine may seem reasonable on the surface, we have to make sure it stands up to Bible scrutiny. Does the Bible teach babies are in need of being baptized for fear of spending eternity in hell? Kipp Campbell asserts the answer is "no." In this tract, he lists four reasons why he believes infant baptism is not a biblical doctrine

8.5 x 3.5 Tri-Fold tract

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