Angels and Other Created Spiritual Beings

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Angels are mentioned in thirty-four different books of the Bible. The word "angel" appears in some form, 305 times in the Bible. The goal of this study is to examine each angel encounter found in Gods' word and to help the student to come to a greater understanding and appreciation for these divine ambassadors from God.

This study intentionally avoids all human speculation, opinions and theories concerning angels and their functions as God's elect ambassadors.

Contents Include:

  • The Nature of Angels
  • The Names and Titles of Angels
  • Satan: The World's Greatest Enemy
  • Satan's Role in the Fall of Mankind
  • Are People Demon Possessed Today
  • Law and Order
  • Angels: Instruments of God's Judgment
  • Angels as God's Ambassadors: Call to Special Service
  • Guardian Angels
  • New Testament Teachings Concerning Angels
  • Angels in the Life of Jesus
  • Angel Encounters in the Book of Acts
  • God's Rule in the Nations of the World
  • The Providence of God and the Individual

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