And the Bride Wore White: 7 Secrets to Sexual Purity

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'As a mother of two teenage daughters, I cannot think of any book more beautifully inspiring than And the Bride Wore White. My daughters love Dannah's insights, humor and her call for a life without regrets...I am deeply grateful for the realistic role model she is for my daughters...she has changed their lives and in doing so she has changed mine.'

--Tammy Maltby, author and co-host of Emmy nominated Aspiring Women.

Dannah Gresh's And the Bride Wore White exposes our culture's lies about sex, and prepares young women and girls for the world's pressures. In this special edition there will be dozens of stories/personal testimonies of hurt and healing...first time salvations...confessions to parents that lead to accountability...and lots of wedding proposals, of course.

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