Ancient Choices for Modern Dilemmas

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The Bible's view regarding: Modern Family, Current Culture, and American Politics

How does a believer in Christ deal with a world full of contradictions? We live in a world that exposes Christians and their families to contradictory views of ethics, morality and truth.  We live in a high tech world that pumps an overwhelming flood of information and images into our daily lives.  The world is changing how we are to conduct our relationships and challenges the harmony that we desire for our lives.  Therein, we often find ourselves in a dilemma in which there seems to be no good answers.

“Ancient Choices for Modern Dilemmas” addresses three primary areas that are dramatically changing the American lifestyle: Family, Culture and Politics.   The study delves into the historical perspectives and the challenges that each category presents to the people of God and examines the Bible’s ancient responses to these Modern dilemmas.

  • 13 lessons; 102 pages
  • 8.5 x 11; coil binding; softcover

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