Adventures in Acts Part 2 (Primary 3:2) Teacher Manual


Discovering God's Way - Adventures in Acts (2)

Primary grades 1-3 Teacher Manual

Primary Year 3, Book 2

By Rachel Duncan McDermott

Adventures In Acts (2) continues the study of Acts beginning with Paul's first preaching journey and follows to the last chapter where he is imprisoned for the cause of Christ.

The Teacher's Manual divides each lesson into 2 parts, suitable for a Sunday/Wednesday schedule. It includes lesson goals, words to know, a basic lesson outline and a list of online resources.

Contents Include:

  • Paul's First Journey
  • Big Meeting in Jerusalem
  • Paul's Second Journey (1)
  • Paul's Second Journey (2)
  • Paul's Third Journey (1)
  • Paul's Third Journey (2)
  • Paul Under Arrest
  • Paul's Defense Before the Jews
  • Paul on Trial Before Felix & Festus
  • On Trial Before King Agrippa
  • His Voyage to Rome (1)
  • Paul's Voyage to Rome (2)

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