A Wanted Man: A True Story

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Written by Michael P. Glaesemann

This book is an autobiographical sketch about a child of the 60's who becomes heavily involved with drug abuse and alcohol addiction. After trying the usual methods available for recovery, such as medication, therapy, counseling and other methods, he is still in despair, lacking any real purpose for living. While contemplating suicide, he makes a decision to read a book which he has been told is responsible for much of the mental illness and misery in the world. He decides to read that book, the Bible, from cover to cover and word-for-word, as one would read any other book. He does so over a period of two years without a mentor, creed book, family member, or spiritual guide. The reader will be surprised at the unexpected decisions he makes as a result!

162 pages, paperback.

ISBN: 9781365940125

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