A Study of the A.D. 70 Doctrine

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Will There Be a bodily Resurrection? A collection of articles on the A.D. 70 Doctrine. This is a very thorough study of this subject which is also referred to as Realized Eschatology, edited by Mike Willis. Table of Contents: (1) The A.D. 70 Doctrine Examined, by Marc Gibson (2) The End of All Things and the A.D. 70 Theory, by Clinton Hamilton (3-5) The Second Coming: Did It Already Occur (I, II, III), by Joe R. Price (6) The Bill Reeves Articles, by Cecil Willis (7-14) The Preterist View Heresy(I-VII), by Bill Reeves (15) Realized Eschatology: The A.D. 70 Doctrine, by Mike Willis (16-18) Perversions of Matthew 24 (I, II, III), by Dan King (19) Contrasts in Matthew 24, by Larry Hafley (20) Have Ye Not Read?, by Hoyt Houchen (21) Resurrection, by Mike Willis (22) What the Bible Teaches About the Judgment, by Johnie Edwards (23) For What Saith the Scripture About the End of Time, by Jarrod Jacobs (24) From Heaven or From Men?, by Clinton Hamilton (25) Trademark on Truth?, by Joe R. Price (26) False Teachers and Teaching, Thomas G. O' Neal