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 About A Study Of General Epistles Vol. 2 

Covers 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude.

This series of lessons is not prepared to use for a definite period of time; it is not arranged for one lesson each class period. However, it is designed for a paragraph-by-paragraph, verse-by-verse study of the books of First, Second, and Third John and Jude. 

This is not just a workbook. It is a study of the text itself. But even more, it contains many quotations from W.E. Vine, Joseph Henry Thayer, Adam Clarke, Roy E. Cogdill, R.C.H. Llenski, James MacKnight, Guy N. Woods, E.M. Zerr and many others. It is designed to help the student to better understand some rather difficult passages by giving the opinions of several others on these texts. It can also provide help for the teacher, who often desires to have access to a greater source of material when he prepares to teach a class in a “verse by verse” study, and that is just what this study is: a verse by verse, subject by subject, paragraph by paragraph study of these General Epistles. Although 2 John and 3 John may be classified by some as being to specific persons rather than General Epistles, they are included in these studies.

104 pages, paperback.

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