A Study of Conversion

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"What Must I Do To Be Saved?"

This workbook delves into the true meaning of conversion and all it entails. Examples of Conversion in Scripture are examined to help anyone who wishes to know not just what needs to be done, but why it is needed. 13 Chapters.

Chapter Titles:

  • Sin, Its Consequences and Its Cares
  • The Gospel
  • Conversion
  • Conversion of the 3000
  • Conversion of the Samaritans
  • Conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch
  • Conversion of Saul
  • Conversion of Corneluis
  • Conversion of Lydia
  • Conversion of the Philippian Jailer
  • Cases of Non-Conversion
  • Man's Response to the Gospel 
  • "Am I Ready?"

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