A Life Lost ...and Found

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2nd Edition - a new chapter added, plus discussion questions after each lesson.

When life takes an uncertain turn, friends Wilson Adams and David Lanphear are unafraid. They've already journeyed through heartbreaking losses to find healing and hope, and they want the same for you. Personal, provocative and unflinchingly honest, A Life Lost...& Found will help the hurting find life after heartache and grief.

The authors show how God molds us into the people He wants—if we'll let Him. Adams, a minister, experienced divorce and fought for—and won—custody of his three young children. He knows firsthand the struggles of single parenting. Lanphear, an attorney, lost his oldest son, Adam, who died in a car accident, and, five years later, his wife of thirty years suffered a massive heart attack and died.

A Life Lost...& Found guides anyone who has experienced loss on the journey of recovery. Both authors write with empathy and answer the questions why did this happen, how do I rely on God, how do I help my children, how do I face holidays, and can I ever heal and move on.

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