A Fourth Medley Of Topics


This workbook, like the three medleys before it, deals with a number of topics which are not necessarily related. Judging from the response to the previous medleys, we believe that many classes enjoy this type of study. In addition to providing a somewhat different approach, it should widen one's scope of knowledge on the topics discussed. It is important in a study of this kind, which requires that many blanks be filled in, that a certain version be used so that all students will have the same answers. As in the preceding workbooks, that version is the King James Version.

Twelve lessons on a variety of topics:

  • Bags With Holes
  • Knots in the Devil's Tale
  • What Are You Laughing At?
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Are We Deceiving Ourselves?
  • Some Abominations in God's Sight
  • Hear the Conclusion
  • Songs in the Night
  • An Open Door--And Many Adversaries
  • So Soon Removed
  • Believe Not Every Spirit"My People"

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