A Christian's Guide to Refuting Modern Atheism

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An Expanded Study of the Butt/Barker Debate

Atheist Dan Barker, in his book Godless, said that 20 years ago there were only about six secular student organizations on university campuses across the country. Now, two decades later, he says there are hundreds of them. Unfortunately, in this instance, Dan is right about one thing: the atheistic community’s numbers are on the rise in the U.S. due to its fervent, evangelistic tactics among our nation’s impressionable youth.

Christians have been called to “always be ready to give a defense to anyone” who would challenge the existence of God and the Faith of His Son Jesus Christ. There is a God, and His Word is the only truth that can make people free. The skeptical attacks against God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ fail on every front. It is high time that Christians recognize the threat of modern atheism, and equip themselves to face it.

269 pages, paperback.

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