A Chosen Few: Becoming a Woman God Can Use

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Take the spiritual challenge to develop a childlike, eager-to-please attitude and simultaneously develop personal responsibility in this simple motivational study by Kathy Kendall, the daughter of Jane McWhorter.

Examine Bible characters but be mindful that Bible characteristics are the coveted take-homes from this book. The convicting strength of A Chosen Few is nestled within extraordinary questions, enabling the reader to scrutinize her behavior so as to become a woman God can use.

Individual or class study.

13 chapters with questions.

  • Discovering Biblical Motivation
  • Assisting in Spiritual Focus
  • Daring to Be Bold
  • Exhibiting Courage
  • Discerning What is Best
  • Doing Good
  • Giving All You Have
  • Radiating Hospitality
  • Extending Kindness
  • Nurturing Spiritual Growth
  • Praying With Purpose
  • Serving in Love
  • Becoming a Woman God Can Use

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