A Broader Range of Bible Knowledge

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This book is a reprint of B. S. Dean's Outline of Bible History, republished by Willard Conchin.

The 173-page book was once used as a text book in Bible schools. It comes with maps, questions, and tests fully prepared for class work.

The Old Testament section is divided into periods:

  • The Antediluvian Period,
  • the Post-diluvial Period,
  • the Patriarchal Period,
  • the Period of Bondage,
  • the Period of Wilderness Wanderings,
  • the Period of Conquest,
  • the Period of Judges,
  • the United Kingdom,
  • the Divided Kingdom,
  • the Period of Exile,
  • and the Post-Exile Period.
There is also a chapter on the Period Between the Testaments. The New Testament study divides the life of Christ into periods also. The book covers all the New Testament, but not in full detail.

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