27 Books in Thirteen Weeks

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Back to the Basics with the New Testament

A survey study of the New Testament: 27 books that tell the story of Jesus and His followers for the hearts of people today. Twenty-seven Books in Thirteen Weeks provides an easy-to-use framework for getting an overview of the New Testament and its major characters.

It includes:

  • A study guide for the New Testament
  • Main characters in the New Testament
  • The relationship and chronology of the New Testament books
  • Application of New Testament stories
  • A plan for student participation
  • Fact, thought, and discussion questions
  • The geography of the times

Contents Includes:

  • Preface
  • Format of the Lessons
  • Introduction to the New Testament Books
  • Birth and Early Life of Jesus
  • Teachings of Jesus
  • Parables and Miracles
  • Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus
  • Acts: The Early Church (Acts 1-8)
  • Acts: Converting the Lost (Acts 9-12)
  • Acts: Three Missionary Journeys (Acts 13-22)
  • Acts: Paul's Trials & Journey to Rome (Acts 23-28)
  • Epistles (Romans-Ephesians)
  • Epistles (Philippians-Titus)
  • Epistles (Philemon-Revelation)
  • Review

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