Miracles and Parables of Jesus

Discovering God's Way - Miracles and Parables of Jesus Grades 1-3 Student book Primary Year 2, Book 2 By Vikki Kline Miracles & Parables of Jesus examines the second year of His personal ministry on earth during which time many miracles were performed and parables that He taught are recorded. Contents: • 2nd Passover in Jerusalem/Jesus Heals a Lame Man • Jesus is Accused of Breaking the Sabbath • Sermon on the Mount: Beatitudes • Personal Relationships • Good Works, Prayer & True Treasure • False Teachers/Build on a Rock • Jesus' Fame Increases as He Works Miracles • Miracles at the Sea of Galilee • He is Accused of Working by the Power of Beelzebub • Jesus Teaches Parables to Illustrate Truth • Parable of the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Lost Boy • Jesus Feeds the 5,000 and Walks on Water • Apostles Are Sent Out on a Limited Commission