Marriage Matters


Keeping the "Holy" in Marriage "Let us perfect holiness out of respect for God (2 Cor. 7:1). That verse serves as a MISSION STATEMENT for every marriage--or should! God has a higher purpose for the home than two people living together. Focus on the latter, and your marriage will find the former. Only by focusing on God’s principles, will we find the relationship He means for each couple to have.


The Courageous Living Bible study series has been developed to aid in adult Bible studies. From one-on-one to large group adult Bible classes, this series of study guides is designed to fit with any church's adult curriculum. Additionally, some churches have used them effectively in college classes.

  • Each book is formatted the same, with four pages of easy-to-read fully outlined texts followed by one page called Digging Deeper—thought/discussion-type questions.
  • There are twelve lessons per book, allowing for a possible missed class (due to gospel meetings, VBS, weather event, etc.), or the teacher may simply choose to review during the thirteenth week.
  • With an eye-catching full color cover design, each 60-page book can be tucked easily into a medium-sized Bible.

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