Things Jesus Did and Taught (Word in the Heart, 9:1)


Word in the Heart Series - Junior High Workbook 9:1

Jesus is at the heart of one's faith. These 13 lessons focus on the life of Christ - the truth He taught and the miracles He preformed. Each lesson is centered around Biblical text and include a variety of activities including fill-in-the-blank, True or False, and Short Answer Questions.

Contents Include: 

  • That You Might Believe 
  • Water Turned to Wine 
  • You Must Be Born Again 
  • Jesus and the Woman of Samaria 
  • Why Men Did Not Believe 
  • I Am the Bread of Life 
  • Freedom From Sin 
  • A Blind Man Sees 
  • The Good Shepherd 
  • Lazarus Raised From the Dead 
  • The Holy Spirit and the Apostles 
  • The Vine and the Branches 
  • How We are Saved by Faith

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