A Study of Church History (Word in the Heart, 11:2)


Word in the Heart Series - Senior High Workbook 11:2

A study of church history is important because it establishes a foundation for understanding the Lord's church as it exist today and the religious world that surrounds it.

These 13 lessons for 11th grade students will survey the history of the Lord's church from the first century to the twentieth century.

Contents Include:

  • Distinctive Features of the First Century Church
  • Persecution of Early Christians
  • The Rise of New Doctrines and Philosophies
  • Development of Roman Catholicism
  • Catholicism in the Middle Ages
  • The European Reformation
  • Attitudes and Doctrines of the Reformation
  • The Development of Denominations
  • The Restoration Appeal
  •  Restoration Leaders
  •  Division within the Restoration Movement
  • Twentieth Century Institutionalism
  • The Present State of the Church

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