Christian and His Influence


Designed to help the Christian live a holy and fruitful life each day, this book discusses each of the Bible's metaphors (light, salt, epistles, leaven) for influence. It deals with the Christian's influence in the community, on the job, in the local church and in the home. Has lessons on using your influence to win souls and strengthen brethren. Also discusses the influence of Christ and the Bible aim of these lessons 

  • To impress each Christian with the realization that he has influence; yea, that such will continue to live after his death.
  • To instill in each Christian an appreciation of what the individual Christian must do to exert a good influence in every walk of his life.
  • To inspire each Christian to so live that his influence will be mighty, moving and always on the right side of the ledger.

Contents Include:

  1. Influence--Well, You Have It!
  2. "Ye Are The Salt Of The Earth"
  3. "Ye Are The Light Of The World"
  4. "The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like Unto Leaven"
  5. "Ye Are Manifestly Declared To Be The Epistle Of Christ"
  6. The Christian And His Influence In The Community
  7. The Christian And His Influence On The Job
  8. The Christian And His Influence In The Local Church
  9. The Christian And His Influence In The Home
  10. Use Your Influence To Win Souls
  11. Use Your Influence To Strengthen
  12. Posthumous Influence
  13. The Influence Of Christ And The Bible

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