Common Sense Preaching

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This textbook on preaching is practical and complete, covering all the basics for a prospective preacher who wants to develop or hone the skills of communicating effectively with an audience.

From the Forward:

"Now, thanks to Dee Bowman's book Common Sense Preaching, preachers young and old are blessed with a practical handbook that guides us through the thrilling process of sermon preparation and delivery. It is a book that teaches us how to balance form and substance. Above all, Bowman's approach to preaching is biblically based. A reverential respect for both God's will and God's word permeates every page. He brings to life the great preachers of the Bible and analyzes their sermons with profound insight, emphasizing the powerful way they preached. "Preaching that does not storm the will," writes Dee, "is not good preaching."

Furthermore, he demonstrates how the personalities of these great preachers contributed to their love and compassion for people, and he encourages preachers to follow their godly examples . . . . Common Sense Preaching evidences a thorough acquaintance with sound rhetorical principles, drawn from a broad range of sources reaching back as far as Aristotle, and sifts through the mind- boggling mass of material on preaching written by contemporary authors. It is full of fresh insights gleaned from the author's many years of experience in pulpit preaching, radio and television broadcasting, and college teaching. In fact, no one is better suited than Dee Bowman to write a book on preaching. His life is consumed with the exposition of God's word.

Read Dee's book with delight and profit from its pages. It will help you to be a better Christian as well as a better preacher."

(Melvin D. Curry, Jr., Chairman of the Florida College Bible Department, 1975-91).

Hardback, 222 pages.

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