FC Lectures 2018 - Inquire of Past Generations

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Inquire of Past Generations: Lessons From Church History

"The Lectures in this program are designed to examine some of the questions that have loomed large in church history, to see the course that was followed before us. Such a perspective will hopefully give us a sense of the path down which we have come, but also help us to avoid the mistakes of the past. One of the purposes of studying history is to make improvement possible. We must know what has gone on before us if we can hope to do well ourselves."

--David McClister

Chapters Include:

  • What Shall We Do with History? - Ed Harrell
  • Is First-Century Christianity Relevant in the 21st Century? - Kenny Moorer
  • The Importance of a Proper View of the Church - Jeff Smelser
  • What Shall We do with the Hebrew Bible? - Jared Saltz
  • The Many Faces of Church Organization - Steve Patton
  • How Shall We Think of the Person of Jesus? - Colly Caldwell
  • The Effects of Adam's Sin - Bill Bynum
  • To What Extent Should Human Experience Shape Our Reading of the Bible? - Brian Crispell
  • The Pervasive Influence of Reformation Thought - Alan Cornett
  • The Relationship Between Church and State - Dan Petty
  • Should We Systematize Biblical Teaching? - Jeff Wilson
  • Baptism: Essential, A Symbol, or Salvation by Works? - Harold Hancock
  • If Instrumental Music Is Unscriptural, Why Have Others Not Seen It? - Steve Wolfgang
  • What Happens When We Eat the Lord's Supper? - David Deason
  • Does It Matter What We Believe About the Lord's Return? - Jason Longstreth

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