Bible Dry Refillable Highlighter - Green

SKU 2610G

Just a note about the advantages in using Bible Dry Highlighter, you will find that they do not bleed through thin paper, therefore they are to designed to be perfect for use when highlighting your Bible.

There is a variety of colors yellow, green, pink and blue making them useful in color coding your Bible. Because they do not bleed through it is also perfect for for highlight newspaper articles, paperback books and use on Fax paper.

Features Include:

  • Rubberized barrel for a comfortable grip.
  • Clutch mechanism advances small amount of lead with a push
  • Lead retracts for protection between uses
  • Bright read-through colors perfect for color-coding
  • Lead won’t dry out (no cap to fumble with).
  • Never needs sharpening, so it’s convenient to use anywhere

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