Raising Dad - What Fathers & Sons Learn from Each Other

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All parents will tell you they learn as much from their children as their children learn from them. This truth is poignantly captured in Raising Dad by father-son authors Thom and Art Rainer. It was Art's idea to write, from a grown-up child's perspective, this memoir of the successful parenting he has received firsthand. Inviting his father Thom to add a postscript to each reflection, another tender truth emerged: Dad's memories of his own performance aren't always as rose-colored, but the pride for his sons shines ever bright. As pure and honest as a game of toss in the backyard, their back-and-forth delivery gives those who read the book great inspiration to never stop growing and learning as parents, whether their children are newborns, teenagers, or adults.

All told, Raising Dad shares unforgettable lessons about faith, love, friendship, honesty, commitment, priorities, and more--all things that matter most in life between parents and children.

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