Built by the Lord: A Study of the Family

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“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.”–Psalm 127:1

If you are like most people, you say you will do anything to have a good, stable, functional, healthy family. Therefore, we work, we budget, we plan, we worry, we burn the candle at both ends. The question is do we do the one thing that will make everything else we do in our family worthwhile? Do we let the Lord build our house?

In Built by the Lord, Edwin takes a look at letting God build your home. Examining relationships, roles, and responsibilities Built by the Lord provides you with sound biblical help for building your home.

As with many of Edwin’s books, you can simply read this book straight through. However, you can also use it as the basis for a family or small group study. The book is divided into daily readings and comes with weekly group discussion guides. Each reading has a “Response.” That is, Edwin has given you some pointers for applying what you read to your daily life. Further, there is a “Point to Ponder” that provides you something to meditate on in your personal quiet time and something to discuss in your daily family discussions. Finally, there is a “Daily Prayer” to help you invite the Lord to build your home.

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