Thinking Through Job

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Will a man worship and serve Jehovah when there is no reward? when he has been afflicted so severely that he feels nothing worse could be done against him and even death would be an advantage? This book provides the answer.

The patience of Job did not preserve him from all sin, but Job courageously held on to God through all his trials. He brushes off his friends and their ignorant attempts at comfort. But he never turns his back on God.

L. A. Mott’s Thinking Through Job guides a student through all the complexities of Job’s plight to the final resolution and brings us to shout “Hallelujah!” to a God who is worthy to be worshiped even without reward and despite undeserved suffering. Thus Satan is exposed as a slanderer and the magnificence of Jehovah is declared.

The suffering of Job provided him with his best opportunity to bring glory to God; and so it may be with many another sufferer whose faithfulness manifests Jehovah’s greatness.

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