NIV Commentary Series - Esther & Daniel

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The events of Esther and Daniel are well known, popular, and share many common threads:

  • Both share the same setting: the exile.
  • Both assume prominent roles in the palaces of foreign kings.
  • Both remind us that the forces of evil may prevail for a season, but ultimately God will be victorious.
  • Esther recounts a recent threat against God's people; Daniel predicts a future threat.
  • Both point to a lifestyle of faith at all times but especially during times of distress.
  • Each book is integrally related to an important Jewish festival.
  • Both are enduring characters because of the providence of God in their lives.

Through fasting, prayer, and confession both Esther and Daniel discover the tenacious resolve of faith, its uncompromising purity, and the security of its shelter. These are a man and woman of faith. They challenge us to follow their lead. Dr. Mangano examines these two wonderful books and provides evidence of how the Hebrew God cares for his people and ultimately his church.

Esther & Daniel has 308 pages.

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