NIV Commentary Series - Matthew

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How are Christians to act in this world? Are we still subject to the Law? What is God's view of marriage? Divorce? How can the average person achieve a greater righteousness? The Gospel of Matthew provides us with intriguing answers to these questions through the life story of the Lord Jesus. Through precise and well thought out commentary, Dr. Chouinard underscores the text of Matthew with historical insights, textual research and cultural understandings that bridge nineteen centuries of time, animating the spectacular story of God coming to save his people! This theme weaves through the fabric of Matthew. God coming to humanity. Not willing to wait, God must take action. At Sinai God was distant, immense and overwhelming. In the Gospel of Matthew a revolution of understanding God has taken place. No longer will God be confined to the temple and "religious" worship. He is warm and compassionate, seeing the lost, helping the sick, feeding the multitudes. God is human, God is close at hand, God is living! Divided into five major discourses, Matthew's Gospel seeks "common ground" between diety and humanity. This commentary is outlined in the following five major discourses:
  • The Sermon on the Mount discourse
  • The Missionary discourse
  • The Parables discourse
  • Life in the Christian Community discourse
  • The Judgment to Come discourse This "common ground" provides the Christian with all of the tools needed to train, equip, rebuke and exhort in all righteousness and for all occasions. Matthew is the epitome of readiness. This is the spiritual food every Christian needs to grow a healthy spiritual life with a strong focus on Christ. If you are a seeker, looking for the truth about Jesus... If you are seeking a renewed and fresh relationship with the savior... If you are a Christian seeking stronger ties and sustained spiritual growth... If you are looking for a dynamic and fresh commentary on Matthew... This book will excite and delight you! Matthew has 512 pages.