The Eternal Kingdom: A History of the Church - Paperback

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A history of the church from its establishment in the first century, through the apostasy, the reformation and the restoration of New Testament Christianity in the 20th century.

Written by Mattox, a former professor of church history at Harding College and former president of Lubbock Christian College, this book addresses the need for a general history of the church to help the reader understand undenominational Christianity. A good resource for any Bible student.

358 pages, paperback.

Contents Include:

Part One: Divine Beginnings

  • In the Fullness of Time
  • Historical Evidence Concerning the Life of Jesus
  • The New Testament Church

Part Two: Controversy and Departure

  • Uninspired Writings, 100-150
  • The Apologists, 185-250
  • Through Persecution to Victory, 54-313
  • The Development of the Canon
  • Departure from the New Testament Pattern, 100-325

Part Three: The Increase in Error, 313-787 A.D.

  • The Influence of Constantine
  • The Growth of Episcopacy
  • The Ecumenical Councils
  • The Life, Worship, and Doctrine under Romanism
  • Theory and Organization of Roman Catholicism
  • The Rise of Mohammedanism

Part Four: The Growth of Papal Power

  • Sources of Support for the Papacy
  • The Strong Popes
  • The Crusades
  • Opposition to the Papacy

Part Five: Reformation Beginnings

  • The Need for Reformation
  • Early Reform Movements
  • Decline of Papal Influence

Part Six: The Protestant Reformation, 1517-1800

  • The German Reformation
  • The Swiss Reformation
  • The Spread of Reform Ideas in Europe
  • Reformation in England
  • Roman Reaction to Reformation
  • The Religious Wars
  • Denominationalism Transferred to America

Part Seven: The Restoration Movement: 19th Century

  • Early Beginnings Toward Undenominationalism
  • Principles of Undenominationalism
  • The Restoration Fully Launched
  • Union of Forces: Stone and Campbell
  • The Unfinished Restoration

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