Introducing the Church of Christ

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Distinctive Features of the Church Discussed by Over Fifty of Her Ministers

Open your Bible and read about the church of Christ.

This collection of lessons, written by numerous different gospel preachers, is designed to help those who are not Christians learn more about New Testament Christianity. Each chapter includes thought questions at the end.


  • Predicted by the Prophets
  • Founded by Jesus and on Him
  • But One True Church of Christ
  • Not a Denomination
  • Jesus Is the Only Head
  • Described by Many Figures
  • The New Testament Is Only Standard of Authority
  • Old Testament for Her Learning, But Not Her Law
  • Worships in Song
  • Lays-by-in-Store
  • Communes as Christ Ordained
  • Follows Biblical Pattern in Prayer
  • Preaching Is Biblical
  • Self-Governing Under Christ
  • Overseen by Biblical Elders
  • Deacons Serve the Church
  • Preachers in the Church
  • Wears Only Biblical Names
  • Evangelizing the World for Christ
  • God's Benevolent Hand
  • Teaches N.T. Plan of Salvation
  • The Practice of Baptism
  • Adults Are Subjects of Baptism
  • Role of Women in the Church
  • Upholds Godly Living
  • Honors God's Teaching on Marriage and Divorce
  • The Scriptures Are Her Discipline
  • Worships on the Lord's Day
  • Seeks to Restore the Original Church
  • Urges All to Unity upon the Lord
  • Fellowship for All in Christ
  • Forfeit Salvation by Turning from Christ
  • The Holy Spirit in Life of Christian
  • Miracles of Bible Times No Longer Available
  • Salvation to Whosoever Will Accept
  • The Nature of Man
  • Doctrine of the Godhead
  • Future Punishment of Wicked
  • Priesthood of All Believers
  • Rejects Outer Forms of Ritualism
  • Give to God and to Caesar
  • A Virgin Born Savior
  • The Deity of Christ
  • An Inspired Bible
  • Saved by the Blood of Jesus
  • God's Kingdom Established on Pentecost, 33 A.D.
  • Salvation by Faith, But Not by Faith Only
  • Church Essential to Salvation
  • Tradition of Men Not Accepted
  • Anxiously Awaits Return of Jesus
  • Bodily Resurrection of the Just and the Unjust
  • Heaven for the Righteous, Hell for the Wicked

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