The Fruit in the Christian Garden

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The third in a series of workbooks by Sherry Stephens, this ladies' workbook covers a wide variety of topics including:

  • Teaching God's word to others and how to live it every day
  • Proofs that God is who He said He is, proven in all His creation
  • The church and how blessed we are to be an active part of it
  • How to be zealous in God's word and pass that on to our friends and children
  • Troubles that can affect our home and family and how to overcome them
  • God's advice for good marriages
  • The enemies who want to destroy our spiritual best intentions
  • Growing older but even better with the passage of time
  • Warnings and advice about the coming Judgment Day
  • Life's journey and the beauty God has made for us along the way

The 26 lessons in this book contain enough information to last for a full six months of study

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