Straddling the Fence

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The Danger of Compromise: A Book for Young Ladies

Compromising one's morality, character, influence, tolerance of sin, and commitment. These are a few of many dangerous darts hurled at young women. This book exposes addiction lures, dating traps, gossip pools, and other dangers in a concise manner.

13 Chapter Study book with questions for younger women.

  • Let's Party - Compromising Our Influence
  • Everyone Else is Doing It - Compromising Our Morality
  • Abortion: Pro-Life Woman - Pro-Choice Woman - Compromising Our Integrity
  • Bad Hair Days: Liking the Way We Look - Compromising Our Individuality
  • I Never Meant to Hurt Anyone! - Compromising Our Character
  • Marriage: I Do! - Compromising Our Standards
  • We're Getting a Divorce - Compromising Our Commitment
  • Mother - To Be or Not To Be? - Compromising Motherhood
  • You Go, Girl! - Compromising Our Talents
  • Feminist Woman vs. Christian Woman - Compromising Our Feminine Roles
  • This Is My Life! - Compromising Our Stewardship
  • Been There, Done That: Lessons Learned - Compromising Our Christianity
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